Broadcast Industry Policy in South Korea and East Africa: Hybridization and Globalization

Isaac Mutwiri Mutunga, Collins Wagumba


This article is based on a qualitative descriptive study that examined South Korean and East Africa Audio-visual production and distribution policies and regulations, carried out in-depth interviews with audio visual policy makers, content producers and audio visual business owners. The study was premised on cultural hybridization and glocalization conceptual frameworks that describe a product or service that is developed and distributed globally but is also adjusted to accommodate the user or consumer in a local market. The study found out that South Korea reviewed regulations and policies that were protectionist in nature to more open and collaborative policies that were in tune with the digital broadcast environment. The study recommended that to create successful audio-visual industries, developing countries; should review their audio-visual policies and regulations to be in tandem with digital and media convergence environment; give audio-visual (broadcast) industry prominence by establishing ministries/departments that deals with audio-visual, culture and tourism; empower broadcasting (Audio-visual) content regulator and other affiliated bodies such the Media Councils and Film Commissions to promote locally produced content internationally and also to source for collaboration between local and international producers; establish strong regional audio-visual exhibitions and festivals; regional governments’ to provide infrastructure or production cost aid and reclassify the audio-visual content industry from a “service” to a “manufacturing sector’ in order to get government subsidies and allow content producers to tap bank loans just like manufacturers


Broadcast Industry Policy; Hybridization and Globalization



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